Christina Knipstine

Growing up in the art and culture of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Christina attended Penn State University where she earned a BFA in painting and drawing.  Sometime after her arrival to Bloomington she married and began to devote herself to the art and craft of raising five children.  She resumed her study of painting about ten years ago. Then, during a home renovation project, an accident tragically destroyed some heirloom teacups. Feeling that it was heartless to throw them away, Christina created her first mosaic work from the shattered teacups and has since been singularly dedicated to mosaic art.

Drawing inspiration from the classic work of the Italian and Byzantine artists, Christina pursues a modern and personal approach to the near limitless possibilities mosaics afford. She brings a painter's sensibilities to the mosaic process, building in symmetry and balance with both color and texture. She uses a variety of material including smalti, stained glass, Van Gogh glass, porcelain, marble, china, millefiori, and found objects from sea shells to arrowheads.